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GW2 – Class Skill and Trait Builder

With Guild Wars 2 beta events ramping up and the eventual release of the game. I have been looking into the game more and more. In my travels I came across a very nice web tool for building and fleshing out the class skills and traits. Now these skills and traits are by no means final as it is still early in the beta phase and is subject to change. However you can experiment and see how customizable each class really is. At the very least its nice way to waste time until you can gain access to a GW2 beta event.

GW2 Class Skill and Trait Builder


Tera – Level 60 Class Skills

These are the new level 60 class skills introduced with Queen of Argon patch that NA Tera will have at release. Videos of each skill are at the links.

Berzerker – Rib Crusher  If you use this skill while you are charging a skill, then you will dodge the attack and follow up with a counter. This skill can only be used while charging and can be activated twice. Activating this skill while charging makes you dodge, then activing it again will make you counter attack. The damage is based on the length of time you charge your skill.

Slayer – Throat Slash  An attack that targets the enemies throat, this skill will execute faster if it is used right after over hand strike.

Archer – Paralyze Trap Arrow  This trap is attached to your arrow can be fired at a certain distance. Enemies that are hit by the trap attached by the arrow will get Paralyzed. Other trap arrows include Explosive trap and Spider Trap which damage and snare respectively

Sorcerer – Stoneskin  This short duration spell renders your body immune to all damages it can also be deactivated early by using the skill again.

Warrior – Wind Split  Moving forward attack, spin and attack in the direction around you. This skill does more damage with the new stacking system for Warrior.

Lancer – Giga Chain  Similar to the previous chain skill except it can chain up to six targets at once and bound them in place.

Mystic – Spirit Totem  This totem will temporarily shield and recover party members HP over time.

Priest – Healing Wings  Lock on to one party member and heal other members around that person you are locked on too. This skill can be used while moving.

Priest – Blessed Resurrection  Auto Revive skill when you die your HP/MP will be 100% and max Condition Stamina.

Tera Skill/Gyph Calculator

This is a great little Glyph calculator to help you strategically plan your end game class builds.

Tera Skill/Gyph Calculator