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Tera – Racial animation tests & “flinching”

Here is a video that shows the difference in the racial auto attack animations for the melee classes. You can see some nice differences in the ranges traveled and swing arcs. The lancers also have some different damage lengths on there lances with the different races. Female amani lancer and baraka having the shortest and elin and elf having the longest. You can also see some examples of whats called “flinching” in tera. It occurs when auto attacking a player and it causes the target to do a flinch animation, there by causing a mini stun and can be done repeatedly assisting in locking down targets in pvp.


Tera – Weapon and Armor Skins

I have found some nice videos of some of the weapon and armor skins available in Tera. So you can get an idea of what you’ll look like end game. Note that these are certainly not all teh skins available in Tera. Armors are dyeable and skinable so you can make your endgame armors look like what ever you want pretty much. Weapons appear to only be skinable. Weapons and armor have attributes listed on the item such as dyeable, enchantable, extractable, and skinable.  These attributes determine if you can customize the item. However I believe any item can be the source item for for a reskin. You should also note that the source item is destroyed when reskinning an item. There are vendors in the main cities that provide these services for a nominal fee.

Slayer Swords

Mystic Scepters

Priest Staffs

Berzerker Axes

Lancer Shields and Lances

Warrior Swords

Archer Bows

Sorcerer Discs

The following is a link to a youtube channel with videos of the various races and armor types there are far too many videos to link here individually so click on the link and find your race and armor type and enjoy.

Race and Armor skins