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Tera – Crafting Guide

I was able to mess around with crafting in the Tera Euro CBT last weekend so I took this time to experience and play around with the crafting systems in Tera. So I have attempted to put together a primer on crafting as some of the experience was frustrating before I figured every thing out. Hopefully I save a few people from the pain.  As I played a Slayer this time around I mainly focused on leather working and weapon crafting. However these practices should apply to all the crafting save alchemy, which I will touch on briefly. Just follow the link below to view the guide.

Tera Crafting Guide


Tera – Video Class Guides to max level.

I found a guy who has made some in depth video class guides covering all the skills up to max level and how they work for your class including recommended glyphs. Now these videos are made with the current Ktera Client so some specifics maybe subject to change for the NA version but from what I saw everything was still accurate. Follow the links below.







Warrior (Coming soon)

Slayer(Coming soon)

Berserker(Coming soon)