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GW2 – Prepurchase and Beta Weekends

Guild Wars 2 release seems imminent. You will be able to to pre-purchase Guild Wars 2 on April 10th granting you access to all of the beta weekend events up until release. The first beta weekend being scheduled for late April and having at least 1 beta a month if not more until release. You can pre-order from many game retailers as wells as pre-purchase from Arenanet. Note pre-orders only get 1 day headstart access and pre-purchasing is hte only guaranteed way to get into the beta events. Below are the links to the game retailers and Arenanet to pre-purchase.

Pre-Purchase retailers list via GW2 wiki

Pre-Purchase at ArenaNet


Tera – Updates, OBT and Early Character Creation

I apologize for the lack of updates lately. I have gotten bogged down by the constraints of real life recently. I have been working on a guide to Tera stats and the combat calculations. I should have that available soon. But, alas we have the NA CBT 5 coming up this weekend, the final closed beta test for NA users before the world is wiped and Tera is updated for release and for most the start of their release characters in the upcoming Open Beta. En Masse has released some new dates for the upcoming events such as when the huge(4GB) open beta patch will be available for download, early character creation, early access to OBT for preorders, and new length of the OBT.

  • NA CBT 5 – 3:00 pm est  4/6/12 – 2:59 am est 4/9/12 (max level of 38.)
  • Character Wipe – All servers and character progress will be wiped at the end of CBT 5.
  • OBT Patch – Download becomes available at 3:00am est 4/9/12 at a file size of over 4GB.
  • Early Character Creation – Will be made available 10pm est 4/13/12 – 1pm est 4/17/12 (one character per account.)
  • Pre-Order OBT Access – Pre orders get a 1 early access to the OBT 3pm est 4/19/12 – 3am est 4/24/12.
  • Open Beta Access – Everyone else will get access to OBT at 3pm est 4/20/12 – 3am est 4/24/12 (max level of 38 is most likely.)

Tera – NA CBT 4 Patch notes

The NA CBT4 for Tera is coming up this weekend and they have released the latest patch notes, so here they are.

Patch 16.03.07

  • In PvP situations, player level will be exposed when you target another player (just like monsters display their level). This should help those “fight or flight” decisions.
  • Doubled the maximum number of characters you can type into all chat channels. We promise it won’t go all “Barrens chat” on you, though.
  • Increased difficulty from levels 1–15 on an experimental basis. Players will have around 30% less HP and return to baseline by level 20. That red bar at the top of your screen? Kinda important.
  • Terron Treasure Trove Event: Added surprise boxes around the world (except for Island of Dawn). We’d tell you more, but then it wouldn’t be a surprise, would it?

The first point is interesting and will be very useful as I interpret this to mean that you will see a level indicator next to your crosshairs when they are over another player, like you have seen for mobs in the previous betas. The next point of interest is that they have lowered the base hp of characters in the 1-15 range, hopefully this will make things a little more challenging in the early game as I noticed a rather large disparity in the difficulty of mobs when transitioning from normal mobs to BAMs around level 18. Maybe this will help maybe it won’t we’ll just have to see. Finally there’s the treasure trove event, if this is anything like the treasure box event in Euro Tera CBT last weekend, you will notice little treasure chests spawned around the world. When these treasure chests are attacked they drop an item similar to a lucky egg, that you can then right click on and they grant a random reward. These rewards range from consumable fireworks,  full health restore consumables, to dyes for your armor.

Tera NA Closed Beta Test 3

The next phase of the the closed beta test for Tera NA has been annouced to take place March 9 2pm EST – March 12 3am EST. This will include upping the level cap to 32 and access to 2 new open world dungeons. You can get access to this beta by preordering the game from Enmasse and various other retailers or by obtaining a free beta access key from Curse.com