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Tera – Headstart Patch notes

  • Added additional hair colors to the following races:
    • Humans: red, orange, yellow, green, blue
    • Castanics: red, orange, yellow, green (Castanics are never blue.)
    • Elins: red
    • High Elves: red, orange, green, blue
  • Modified the alkahests used in item enchantment. Unique alkahests are used for specific tiers of enchantment.
    • +1 to +6: Alkahest (sold by merchants)
    • +7 to +9: Refined Alkahest (sold by specialty stores)
    • +10 to +12: Masterwork Alkahest (sold by specialty stores)
  • Removed the inter-server party-matching buff, the Valkyon’s Response reward, and the Rescue Supplies. Grouping is its own reward.
  • Destiny Eggs and Lucky Eggs have been removed as quest rewards. The eggs were the primary source of combat consumables until the alchemy crafting system was complete. Any eggs earned in the Open Beta Test will still be there.
  • Gula Skinners in the Hungry Caverns no longer spawn minions because that’s not how they roll.
  • Items from Balder’s Temple and the Fane of Kaprima are now visible via smart search.
  • Deleted the unnecessary “Subscription Information” menu from the main menu.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where certain surfaces appeared to flash, glow, or appear dark. We don’t want any flashing in TERA.
  • Fixed a bug where channels on the Island of Dawn increase infinitely.
  • Fixed a bug where guild-versus-guild battles could not be declared on guilds with names longer than 32 characters. Your awkward battle cries will save you no longer.

Tera – PvP Server Changes for CBT3

ImagePvP Server Changes

  • We’ve added more PvP rules with this update—it’s now uncool to kill players 6+ levels lower than you. These players will now receive the red name of shame and their punishment will be left up to the community.
    • You will now earn Infamy Points for killing lower-level players—60 points for players 6-10 levels lower than you; 120 points for players 11 or more levels lower than you.
    • If you have even one Infamy Point, you will be labeled an outlaw.
    • We won’t penalize you for being an outlaw (having Infamy Points), but the community may retaliate as it sees fit.
    • Infamy Points will diminish at a rate of one every five minutes. You can also work them down one at a time by killing monsters equal to your level or higher.
    • Implemented a five-second cast time to switch between channels. No more sitting on the couch and channel-surfing.

 Full patch notes for  NA CBT3(16.03.06)

Tera – The Political System

Here is a little primer video on the Political System in Tera. To become a Vanarch (Ruler) of a zone you need to be the leader of a guild and choose one of two methods declare yourself for the seat of power. You can either take your guild mates and battle your way up the rankings in the battle grounds or you can run for an election winning by a popular vote. How these to systems interrelate I am still unsure. For example how does someone who is choosing the BG path to Vanarch go up against someone who wants to be elected? Or are there certain zones that can only be won specifically by one system or the other. Either way it looks like an intriguing endeavor for those enjoying the content at endgame.  (I will update as more info becomes available.)


(Update: It turns out that the province you’re hoping to control determines the route you have to take to become the Vanarch. Some provinces can only be won through the battle ground route, while others can only be won through popular vote. No provinces exist that allow you to use both methods to become the Vanarch.)

Tera – Translated patch notes from latest content patch in KTera


Queen of Argon Part 1 Patch Notes

Dark Rift from KTera

KTera Queen of Argon Part 1 Patch 

The Highlights are as follows:

  • Level Cap Raised from 58 to 60.
  • Two new instances.
  • New Skills for every class.
  • Warrior overhauled with a combo point system.
  • New Crystal slots on jewlry.
  • Reputation repeatable quests in the 4 new zones.
  • New Mounts rewarded from reputation rewards.
  • Dark Rift outdoor raids. (Rift public quests spawn in the new zones ala Rift Online.)
  • Changed Currency system to a WoWesque Gold>silver>copper system.

Tera NA Closed Beta Test 3

The next phase of the the closed beta test for Tera NA has been annouced to take place March 9 2pm EST – March 12 3am EST. This will include upping the level cap to 32 and access to 2 new open world dungeons. You can get access to this beta by preordering the game from Enmasse and various other retailers or by obtaining a free beta access key from Curse.com