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GW2 – Class Skill and Trait Builder

With Guild Wars 2 beta events ramping up and the eventual release of the game. I have been looking into the game more and more. In my travels I came across a very nice web tool for building and fleshing out the class skills and traits. Now these skills and traits are by no means final as it is still early in the beta phase and is subject to change. However you can experiment and see how customizable each class really is. At the very least its nice way to waste time until you can gain access to a GW2 beta event.

GW2 Class Skill and Trait Builder


GW2 – Prepurchase and Beta Weekends

Guild Wars 2 release seems imminent. You will be able to to pre-purchase Guild Wars 2 on April 10th granting you access to all of the beta weekend events up until release. The first beta weekend being scheduled for late April and having at least 1 beta a month if not more until release. You can pre-order from many game retailers as wells as pre-purchase from Arenanet. Note pre-orders only get 1 day headstart access and pre-purchasing is hte only guaranteed way to get into the beta events. Below are the links to the game retailers and Arenanet to pre-purchase.

Pre-Purchase retailers list via GW2 wiki

Pre-Purchase at ArenaNet