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Tera – Redesigned Dungeons and New Features

Enmasse has gone to great lengths to not only bring over the elements of Tera and its latest content patch Queen of Argon for western markets, but they have done extensive redesigns and retuning of dungeons. This was done because many of the dungeons we released at different times and in different patches for KTera. So, they tended to group up at the current level cap. As that level cap was raised you were left with clusters of dungeons that had just been out dated. So EME has done some great work reorganizing this content so it can be spaced out evenly during your leveling experience and will fit well with in the storylines. You can see some of the new features being added with the release patch below, as well as full dungeon list.

  • New dungeons. We’ve added Sigil Adstringo, Ascent of Saravash, Suryati’s Peak, Balder’s Temple, and Fane of Kaprima.
  • Instance dungeon matcher. Effortlessly build a party for the dungeon of your choice–and get both combat buffs and extra loot for doing so.
  • Improved drop rates. Beat one of TERA‘s bosses, and you’ll get more and better loot.
  • Smoother progression. Sigil Adstringo, Ascent of Saravash, and Suryati’s Peak have been extensively redesigned so players can experience them earlier. More than just a retuning, the redesigned dungeons feature new storylines, new enemies, and new rewards.
Dungeon Level Dungeon Level
Bastion of Lok 20 Ebon Tower 58
Sinestral Manor 26 Ebon Tower (Hard) 60*
Cultists’ Refuge 35 Kelsaik’s Nest 58
Necromancer Tomb 41 Kelsaik’s Nest (Hard) 60*
Sigil Adstringo 45 Labyrinth of Terror 58
Golden Labyrinth 48 Labyrinth of Terror (Hard) 60*
Akasha’s Hideout 48 Balder’s Temple 60
Akasha’s Hideout (Hard) 48* Balder’s Temple (Hard) 60*
Ascent of Saravash 48 Fane of Kaprima 60
Saleron’s Sky Garden 53 Fane of Kaprima (Hard) 60*
Suryati’s Peak 56

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