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Tera – Updates, OBT and Early Character Creation

I apologize for the lack of updates lately. I have gotten bogged down by the constraints of real life recently. I have been working on a guide to Tera stats and the combat calculations. I should have that available soon. But, alas we have the NA CBT 5 coming up this weekend, the final closed beta test for NA users before the world is wiped and Tera is updated for release and for most the start of their release characters in the upcoming Open Beta. En Masse has released some new dates for the upcoming events such as when the huge(4GB) open beta patch will be available for download, early character creation, early access to OBT for preorders, and new length of the OBT.

  • NA CBT 5 – 3:00 pm est  4/6/12 – 2:59 am est 4/9/12 (max level of 38.)
  • Character Wipe – All servers and character progress will be wiped at the end of CBT 5.
  • OBT Patch – Download becomes available at 3:00am est 4/9/12 at a file size of over 4GB.
  • Early Character Creation – Will be made available 10pm est 4/13/12 – 1pm est 4/17/12 (one character per account.)
  • Pre-Order OBT Access – Pre orders get a 1 early access to the OBT 3pm est 4/19/12 – 3am est 4/24/12.
  • Open Beta Access – Everyone else will get access to OBT at 3pm est 4/20/12 – 3am est 4/24/12 (max level of 38 is most likely.)

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