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Tera – The Political System

Here is a little primer video on the Political System in Tera. To become a Vanarch (Ruler) of a zone you need to be the leader of a guild and choose one of two methods declare yourself for the seat of power. You can either take your guild mates and battle your way up the rankings in the battle grounds or you can run for an election winning by a popular vote. How these to systems interrelate I am still unsure. For example how does someone who is choosing the BG path to Vanarch go up against someone who wants to be elected? Or are there certain zones that can only be won specifically by one system or the other. Either way it looks like an intriguing endeavor for those enjoying the content at endgame.  (I will update as more info becomes available.)


(Update: It turns out that the province you’re hoping to control determines the route you have to take to become the Vanarch. Some provinces can only be won through the battle ground route, while others can only be won through popular vote. No provinces exist that allow you to use both methods to become the Vanarch.)


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