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Tera – PvP Server Changes for CBT3

ImagePvP Server Changes

  • We’ve added more PvP rules with this update—it’s now uncool to kill players 6+ levels lower than you. These players will now receive the red name of shame and their punishment will be left up to the community.
    • You will now earn Infamy Points for killing lower-level players—60 points for players 6-10 levels lower than you; 120 points for players 11 or more levels lower than you.
    • If you have even one Infamy Point, you will be labeled an outlaw.
    • We won’t penalize you for being an outlaw (having Infamy Points), but the community may retaliate as it sees fit.
    • Infamy Points will diminish at a rate of one every five minutes. You can also work them down one at a time by killing monsters equal to your level or higher.
    • Implemented a five-second cast time to switch between channels. No more sitting on the couch and channel-surfing.

 Full patch notes for  NA CBT3(16.03.06)


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