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Tera – What are Chronoscrolls?

“What are these “Chronoscrolls” that I keep hearing about?”

“Chronoscrolls are an in-game item we’re using to fight gold farming, game account theft, phishing, chat spam, and other criminal behaviors in order to create a better gameplay environment for TERA. Players can trade their excess gold for chronoscrolls and redeem those chronoscrolls to play TERA for free. Other players can buy chronoscrolls and sell them in the game as a way to earn more gold. Both groups of players get what they want, without having to interact with cyber-criminals. By creating a legal market where players trade game gold for game time, we can reduce demand for the illegal trading of game gold for real money, and thereby reduce criminal enterprises.

To read more about chronoscrolls please visit the following link http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/introducing-chronoscrolls

So basically Chronoscrolls are a way of legally trading money for in game gold or items. The way it works is you go to the Enmasse site purchase one month of game time in form of a Chronoscroll and its delivered to your in game character. There you can trade it for items or sell it for gold. Or vice versa you can spend your time farming gold to buy Chronoscrolls so u can play for free. Interesting idea in today’s market of scammers and gold farmers. Hopefully it doesn’t backfire by creating a market for gold farmers to purchase Chronoscrolls to resell on the internet as means of a cheaper monthly fee.  But at least its refreshing to see an MMO company taking a proactive attitude towards this problem.


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