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Tera- PvP Gear and BGs

Upon reading a recent article about Ktera and reading some forums complaining about a 2 battle ground per day limit. It turns out this is definitely not the case. Let me preface this info by saying this is from Ktera and is subject to change as many things PvP related have changed in the westernization of the game. However, it appears that the battle grounds are on a 1 hour cool down and only during their prime time hours of 5pm-12am. Their are currently 2 types of battlegrounds a Team Death match style BG and an Arathi Basin style BG where teams fight over control of 3 points. Now these battle grounds can happen in 5v5s or 10v10s. For a 5v5 win you receive 5 medals and for a 10v10 win, you guessed it 10 medals. For a full set of lvl 50 legendary BG gear, it costs 9345 medals, with the Weapon coming in at approx. 1700 medals and the Chest at approx, 1100 medals. The reason I mention these two pieces is they are the only ones with direct PvP damage affecting stats. The level 50 Legendary weapon comes with a base 5% increase of damage dealt to players with each enchantment step granting an additional 5%. The steps are granted at +1,+3,+5,+7,+9 for a grand total of +30% PvP damage. Now for the lvl 50 Legendary Chest you receive a damage reduction from other players by 6% base and get an additional 6% at each enchantment step for a total of 36% damage reduction in PvP. Now I don’t see them bringing over the scheduled battlegrounds as I see that as more of a result of the child gaming laws in asia. But it would be an interesting idea.


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