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Tera – Headstart Patch notes

  • Added additional hair colors to the following races:
    • Humans: red, orange, yellow, green, blue
    • Castanics: red, orange, yellow, green (Castanics are never blue.)
    • Elins: red
    • High Elves: red, orange, green, blue
  • Modified the alkahests used in item enchantment. Unique alkahests are used for specific tiers of enchantment.
    • +1 to +6: Alkahest (sold by merchants)
    • +7 to +9: Refined Alkahest (sold by specialty stores)
    • +10 to +12: Masterwork Alkahest (sold by specialty stores)
  • Removed the inter-server party-matching buff, the Valkyon’s Response reward, and the Rescue Supplies. Grouping is its own reward.
  • Destiny Eggs and Lucky Eggs have been removed as quest rewards. The eggs were the primary source of combat consumables until the alchemy crafting system was complete. Any eggs earned in the Open Beta Test will still be there.
  • Gula Skinners in the Hungry Caverns no longer spawn minions because that’s not how they roll.
  • Items from Balder’s Temple and the Fane of Kaprima are now visible via smart search.
  • Deleted the unnecessary “Subscription Information” menu from the main menu.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where certain surfaces appeared to flash, glow, or appear dark. We don’t want any flashing in TERA.
  • Fixed a bug where channels on the Island of Dawn increase infinitely.
  • Fixed a bug where guild-versus-guild battles could not be declared on guilds with names longer than 32 characters. Your awkward battle cries will save you no longer.

Tera – Racial animation tests & “flinching”

Here is a video that shows the difference in the racial auto attack animations for the melee classes. You can see some nice differences in the ranges traveled and swing arcs. The lancers also have some different damage lengths on there lances with the different races. Female amani lancer and baraka having the shortest and elin and elf having the longest. You can also see some examples of whats called “flinching” in tera. It occurs when auto attacking a player and it causes the target to do a flinch animation, there by causing a mini stun and can be done repeatedly assisting in locking down targets in pvp.

Tera – Argon Queen Part 2 Patch Dev Q&A

Q: The future of BGs?

A: 10vs10 BGs are being actively worked on, also PvP balance is being analyzed. Additionally, monsters will be placed on the maps for a more strategic battle, by defeating the monsters the party will get additional buffs. BG party matching also being worked on.

Q: Future plans for the Nexus System?

A: More and more rewards will be added. New tier 13 enhancing items will be also introduced.
New effects will be implemented and the 20 man party aka Raid Party will be added too.
Further adjustments will be made regarding the difficulty, expect some of it from the 5th of April patch.

Q: Warrior and other class balancing plans?

A: Part 2 of the Argon Queen update will feature major changes for our tankers.
Warriors as tankers proove to be a difficult issue to handle but the second part of Argon Queen update aims to solve these problems. Various balance restoring plans will be tested out.

Posted Image
One of them is the Stamina Bar/Gauge you can see above (I assume the current stamina will revert back to condition as it was referred to previously). If a Lancer successfully blocks an attack no MP will be consumed but Stamina instead. This will ensure that Lancers will have better resources.

Warriors on the other hand will be able to continually evade and dodge attacks while they have Stamina so as long as you have stamina, no cooldown will be applied to the skill.

The formal introduction of the Stamina Gauge is yet to be finalized but the current internal tester’s feedback was positive so far.

Warriors will get additional tanking skills and Lancers will get some skills to enhance solo gameplay.

Q: Any update on Priest’s and Mystic’s weapon enchanting?

A: This seems to be a persistent problem (random options on weapons, moneysink to reseal again and again for healer fitting options) and some sort of fix for the issue will be presented in the second part of the Argon Queen update. Staves and Scepters will get a fixed healing options when enchanting to +3/+6/+9. The balancing of such options is being tested and evaluated at the moment.

Tera – Guild Leveling System

Here is a nice video I found that outlines the Guild leveling system in Tera. Guild levels unlock things like guild housing, buffs, items annd consumables. Guild levels also lead into the Political system in Tera.

Tera – Redesigned Dungeons and New Features

Enmasse has gone to great lengths to not only bring over the elements of Tera and its latest content patch Queen of Argon for western markets, but they have done extensive redesigns and retuning of dungeons. This was done because many of the dungeons we released at different times and in different patches for KTera. So, they tended to group up at the current level cap. As that level cap was raised you were left with clusters of dungeons that had just been out dated. So EME has done some great work reorganizing this content so it can be spaced out evenly during your leveling experience and will fit well with in the storylines. You can see some of the new features being added with the release patch below, as well as full dungeon list.

  • New dungeons. We’ve added Sigil Adstringo, Ascent of Saravash, Suryati’s Peak, Balder’s Temple, and Fane of Kaprima.
  • Instance dungeon matcher. Effortlessly build a party for the dungeon of your choice–and get both combat buffs and extra loot for doing so.
  • Improved drop rates. Beat one of TERA‘s bosses, and you’ll get more and better loot.
  • Smoother progression. Sigil Adstringo, Ascent of Saravash, and Suryati’s Peak have been extensively redesigned so players can experience them earlier. More than just a retuning, the redesigned dungeons feature new storylines, new enemies, and new rewards.
Dungeon Level Dungeon Level
Bastion of Lok 20 Ebon Tower 58
Sinestral Manor 26 Ebon Tower (Hard) 60*
Cultists’ Refuge 35 Kelsaik’s Nest 58
Necromancer Tomb 41 Kelsaik’s Nest (Hard) 60*
Sigil Adstringo 45 Labyrinth of Terror 58
Golden Labyrinth 48 Labyrinth of Terror (Hard) 60*
Akasha’s Hideout 48 Balder’s Temple 60
Akasha’s Hideout (Hard) 48* Balder’s Temple (Hard) 60*
Ascent of Saravash 48 Fane of Kaprima 60
Saleron’s Sky Garden 53 Fane of Kaprima (Hard) 60*
Suryati’s Peak 56

Tera – Enchanting and the new changes

Improved Enchanting – The change we will be implementing is the removal of the chance that an unsuccessful enchanting attempt will decrease the item’s enchantment level. This means once you earn that enchant level it is yours to keep. In order to offset this change we have introduced 3 tiers of Alkahest powders: one for enchant +1 to +6, one for +7 to +9 and one for +10 to +12. Obviously the cost of powders will be increased at each tier. Our goal here was to keep the cost for getting these items similar but remove the frustrations that random numbers can cause and let you keep what you have already earned.

Improved Unsealing – In TERA, you can receive random attributes by unsealing an unidentified item. Then the item can be re-sealed and unsealed again until you receive the attributes you want. We are adding the ability to ‘lock’ the desired attributes earned from Identifying Enigmatic items. This lets you change the attributes you choose while letting you keep the ones you want. You can repeat the process until you receive all 3 or 4 attributes you wish. This should help eliminate the frustration felt of getting that exact combo you want on your items. We will be sure to update you with more information as they become available and we appreciate your feedback. These changes are the results of the feedback we’ve received from you and we encourage you to keep sharing your thoughts!

GW2 – Class Skill and Trait Builder

With Guild Wars 2 beta events ramping up and the eventual release of the game. I have been looking into the game more and more. In my travels I came across a very nice web tool for building and fleshing out the class skills and traits. Now these skills and traits are by no means final as it is still early in the beta phase and is subject to change. However you can experiment and see how customizable each class really is. At the very least its nice way to waste time until you can gain access to a GW2 beta event.

GW2 Class Skill and Trait Builder